Microcyclic Lactones

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A brochure for the pharmaceutical company Pfizer to provide information related to a drug offering.


The brochure is heavy on technical medical detail, graphs, and table data that is expected in a certain format by doctors. This placed certain constraints on the design, but the time saved on eye-catching graphics or unconventional layout could be used to improve typography, visibility, and diagram legibility. This meant using of strong color and typography not usually seen to stand out against other such brochures; creating custom diagrams and graphs with greater precision and aesthetic sensibility helped reinforce the pieces intention.

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  • : Microcyclic Lactones
  • : Ibi Szentirmay
  • : Marc Ziani de Ferranti


The Pharmaceutical industry—and Pharmaceutical Advertising—in Australia operate under strict guidelines in order to ensure standards are met, the appropriate information (and disclaimers) are provided, and doctors are given clear and technically correct information. Design is rarely under no constraints, and—at the very least—should be in the service of something other than its self—so, as an introduction to strict constraints on design by clients and regulation, the pharmaceutical area is something of a deep-end, but also one that can reward persistence and good communication and trust between designers, copywriters, account executives, and clients.