A cleaner Hacker News

A Hacker News skin for Stylebot

Hacker News occupies an interesting place in the pantheon of my information consumption process. Reeder for RSS, Twitter for curated shares, and iTunes for Podcasts. In the interests of stress-reduction, I have no news services subscribed to via RSS, ars technica being the exception, but this hardly qualifies as high-volume. Hacker News is the only such high-volume service that I regularly browse, and due to the up-voting mechanism and the value of the comments section, I have found RSS to be unsuitable in both ease and speed.

Screenshot of Hacker News in White

Cleaner-Hacker-News presents an interesting way to clean up a web interface were legibility and ease of use are paramount. Verdana (used by Hacker News) has never been a go-to in my repertoire, but it provides a pleasant break from the usual Helvetica that so permeates an Apple filled life. Hacker News in White takes a somewhat more reserved path, removing the tan content box, reducing the weight of the header, and promoting the prominence of news-titles in comparison to other information.